The firm

“… by appointment to our clients …”

As a boutique law firm with long-standing practice in copyright and media law as well as in labour and employment law we deliver services to selected clients. We provide practical advice and represent in court. We work together with advisors, tax consultants as well as law firms throughout the world.

Michael Schinagl is a German-trained Rechtsanwalt (~solicitor / attorney-at-law) with international practice since 1998. He started business aged 29 and since gives advice, drafts contracts but is also a litigator with years of experience from thousands of cases.

He is a bar-certified specialist for labour and employment law where he focuses on delivering services for national and international companies, public institutions and private clients. In particular he has broad experience in the media business and in the field of non-profit organisations, charities and NGOs. He advises managers and executives with great care. His expertise is built on many years of advising market-leading and start-up companies in a broad range of industry sectors, including fashion, film, television broadcasting, IT, logistics and retail. His practice areas comprise press and media law as well as trademark law including the law of community trademarks, copyright and design law.

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